High Power SMD LED Photodynamic Therapy Red Blue Yellow Bio Light Therapy PDT Skin Beauty Machine

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Product description

Outstanding performance PDT device!

Kernel Photodynamic Therapy KN-7000D

Trichromatic SMD-LED light source

Dose/Time work mode


(1) Inflammatory acne

(2) Eliminate inflammation

(3) Prompt wound healing

(4) Rejuvenation,increase the elasticity of the skin

ModulesLightTreatment timeEffect

For Wrinkles

Red light

120~130seconds per day, 

acceleration of healing by up to 

several weeks or several months.

Fully absorbed by fiber cells 

topromote cell growth; stimulate 

cells to produce collagen. Thickening and restructuring the dermis 

structure, smooth and increase the

elasticity of the skin

For skin 


Yellow light

5 minutes per day, acceleration of healing by up to several weeks or several months.

Completely absorbed by fiber cells 

to promote cell growth,decompose skin melanoma,speed up and 

restructurethe dermis structure,increase skin whitening and gloss.




Blue light

5 minutes per day, have a better 

effect using with drug together. 

Frequently use 2~ 3 times/week 

after improvement.

Activate the production of the 

protoporphyrin within acne,leads to single oxygen release, kill 

propioinibacterium within 

acne,rapidly remove pustule, 

improve the skin surface.

Product Description

 Features of KN-7000D

  • Suitable for acne treatment, eliminating inflammation and promoting skin wound healing
  • High-power SMD led radiation source in a dense matrix array,so that make higher intensity of irradiation, more uniform speckles
  • Based on aerodynamic design, combined with super-thermal conductive materials to ensure safe, reliable and stable use
  • Single color light source, two colors light source or three colors light source integrated in one treatment head, which with several wavelengths available for selection without the change of treatment head.
  • Design with free stretching/retracting cantilever arm, give full consideration to ergonomic requirements, easy operation, to the maximum extent possible to meet a variety of clinical treatment environment needs.
  • 8" touch screen complemented by user-friendly GUI design, make the operation more concise and fluent
  • unique dose mode, and optional irradiation intensity calibration system to ensure accurate treatment
  • Pre-stored common treatment cases, more convenient operation by pressing only one of pre-set programs
  • With continuous irradiation or pulse irradiation two working modes to meet different clinical needs
  • warm voice prompt, give patients a relaxed and comfortable treatment experience
  • Key switch and power-on password dual switch protection, for safe and secure treatment process
  • High-purity light source, non-invasive operation, no side effects, no special care after treatment

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