High Gluten Flour, 25 Kg, Froment Azani Brand, Competitive Price

US $285 / Metric Ton | No Minimum Order

Supply Capacity: 1500 Metric Ton/Metric Tons Daily

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Product description

Packaging details:

pp plastic bag 25 kg

We choose thick bags material to protect the flour from outer weather conditions. 
Dimensions = 70x 55 cm 

Customized Packaging Available 50 Kg, 25 Kg, 1 Kg
Available Private Label
You can order directly on whatsapp:00201220066112

Packing Details:


1* 20 Ft Container Loads 24 MT

1 MT (40 bags *25 KG)

Total: (960  bags *25 KG) / 20 FT container

Available packing from (0.5 KG to 50 KG) and also available in bulk 1MT/bag

For quick response at any time get us on what's app What's app: 00201220066112

Delivery Details :


- Delivery time depends on order volume.

- We can deliver our products to any port.

- We are near you in Egypt so you will get very low shipping cost.

- We are very committed to Shipping schedules.

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Flour type



Wheat type

High gluten flour

14 %

13 percent


Seller's Contact Details:

Business Name: Boom Plus for Manufacturing and Commerce

Address: Egypt -Cairo -Zahraa Elmaadi - Yasmeen Tower - tower no. 7 -3rd Floor., Cairo

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Basic information

Business Name:

Boom Plus for Manufacturing and Commerce

Business Type:

Manufacturing Company

Main Categories:

Flour, Noodles, Pasta and Salt

Year Established:


Total Annual Revenue:

Less than $100,000


Egypt -Cairo -Zahraa Elmaadi - Yasmeen Tower - tower no. 7 -3rd Floor., Cairo

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